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Q&A Videos by Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney Jim Ryan

Brief, practical videos about estate planning, trusts, advance directives, probate and inheritance planning, by Phoenix attorney Jim Ryan

All Times in Minutes:Seconds



With the Estate Tax Exemption So High, Do I Still Need a Trust? (1:02)

Creating an Arizona Trust to Protect Assets from Future Creditors (1:09)

If I Set Up a Trust, Do I Have to Name a Bank as Trustee? (1:08)

With a Revocable Living Trust, Do I Need to File a Tax Return? (0:51)

Should I Name My Trust as the Beneficiary of My IRA? (1:12)

What Is an Irrevocable Trust? (1:16)

When Should I Set Up an Irrevocable Trust? (1:07)


Advance Directives

What Is a Living Will? (0:52)

Should I Give Someone a Power of Attorney? (0:47)



Inheritance Planning

What Is the Best Way to Distribute My Property to My Children? (1:32)

Do I Have to Leave My Estate Equally to My Children? (1:02)

What Is the Best Way to Fund College Education for My Children and Grandchildren? (1:22)

How Do I Protect the Inheritance of a Disabled Child? (0:54)

Should I Include My Children’s Spouses as Beneficiaries of My Estate Plan? (1:10)

How Do I Protect My Children’s Inheritance from Their Divorcing Spouses? (1:00)

Can I Keep the Size and Nature of My Estate a Secret from My Children? (1:20)

How Do I Disinherit a Child? (1:16)



Can I Avoid Probate by Putting My Assets in Joint Tenancy? (1:14)

What Is So Bad About Probate? (0:55)

Other Property and Planning Issues

Should I Agree to Be Trustee of My Relatives’ Trust for Their Kids? (1:04)

Does Property I Inherit Automatically Become Community Property? (1:11)

What Are Digital Assets? (0:50)

If I Own Real Estate, Should I Put It in an LLC? (0:54)

Can I Set Up a Trust to Make Our Vacation Home Available to Our Children? (0:52)