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Q&A Videos by Elder Law Attorney Marsha Goodman

Practical videos on elder law, Medicare, long-term care, disability, veterans benefits, and wills and trusts, by Phoenix attorney Marsha Goodman

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Elder Law

Elder law is a practice that is defined more by the clients we serve than by the services we provide (1:04)

What Services Are Included in Elder Law?

Elder law includes preparing advance directives (e.g., powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, and living wills) and helping people qualify for and receive Medicare, Medicaid, VA and long term care benefits (0:44)

What Is Life Care Planning?

Life care planning is a type of elder law where a lawyer works with a nurse or a social worker to help clients get and pay for the care they need (0:48)

What Is an Elder Care Coordinator?

An elder care coordinator is a nurse or social worker who knows the resources in the community and coordinates the care of the senior (1:12)

How Does the Elder Care Coordinator Work with the Attorney and Clients?

The elder care coordinator meets with you in your own environment to assess your current situation, your care needs and financial situation and needs (1:13)

Does Everyone Need a Power of Attorney and Advance Directives?

Everyone should have a power of attorney and advance directives, and select a person who understands your wishes and values to speak for you (0:46)

Without a Power of Attorney, Does My Parent Need a Guardian?

In the absence of a competent spouse, a guardian should be put in place to advocate for the elderly person and speak on their behalf (0:43)


What Benefits Are Available for One Who Is Disabled but Not Elderly?

Many of the same benefits that are available for the elderly are available for people who are disabled: VA, SSI, Medicaid, etc. (1:08)

Can a Disabled Person Have a Life Care Plan?

A life care plan takes into account the disabled person’s goals and plans and can help them stay independent for as long as possible (0:58)


Doesn't Medicare Pay for the Care that Seniors Need?

Medicare covers hospitalization, doctor visits, medication, physical therapy, but not long term care or assisted living (0:57)

What Does Medicare Pay For?

Medicare Part A pays for hospital care and skilled nursing and rehab. Part B pays for doctor visits. Part covers prescription drugs and medication (0:48)


Health Care

How Do You Help Clients Receive Medical Care They’re Entitled To?

We work with our clients’ health care providers to confirm they are receiving proper care and the discharge notice contains the required language (1:08)

Veterans' Benefits

Who Might Be Eligible for VA Benefits?

A variety of VA benefits are available to veterans (and surviving spouses) for wartime and peacetime service, if they were not dishonorably discharged (1:05)

How Does a Veteran or Surviving Spouse Qualify for VA Benefits?

Once a veteran who meets the initial criteria is receiving and paying for necessary care, they can qualify for additional assistance (1:09)

VA or Medicaid: Which Is Right for Me?

Choosing between VA and Medicaid benefits depends on the veteran's needs and situation (0:59)

Can Someone Qualify for Both VA and Medicaid?

A veteran or their surviving spouse can qualify for both VA and Medicaid benefits (0:53)

See also: Veterans' Benefits

Long-Term Care

How Can I Tell if My Long Term Care Policy Will Cover My Care?

Your long term care insurance policy might cover important services that are even more valuable than services provided in a nursing home (1:20)

What If My Long Term Care Policy Pays Only for a Nursing Home?

If the long term care or nursing home insurance policy specifies coverage for nursing home care, that is likely the only care that will be covered (0:57)

Qualifying for Medicaid to Pay for Long Term Care

To qualify for Medicaid, there are three categories of criteria: medical need, income, and countable assets (1:15)

What Are Some Misunderstandings About Who Can Qualify for Medicaid?

Three common misunderstandings about Medicaid have to do with owning assets, living in your home and keeping your home (1:12)


What Is the Difference Between a Guardian and a Conservator?

A guardian makes decisions about the person, their health care, where they live, etc. A conservator makes financial decisions for the person (0:39)

Can You Help Me Be Appointed as My Parent's Guardian or Conservator?

Yes. Being appointed as a guardian or conservator for a spouse or parent is a process that requires going to court (0:35)

Conservator and Trustee of Trust

We help many families administer their trust and act as conservators for family members (0:31)

Wills and Trusts

Do I Need a Trust? How Do I Know?

We can talk about you and your situation to determine whether a trust makes sense (1:12)

How Do I Know What Kind of Trusts Meets My Needs?

We can help you sort through the many kinds of trusts: Revocable trust, family trust, living trust, special needs trust (1:13)